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"White Night" Wood Puzzle

"White Night" Wood Puzzle


“White Night” wood puzzle: 513 pieces: Liberty Puzzles are a throwback to the golden age of jigsaw puzzles. Each one contains dozens of hand-drawn “whimsy” pieces intricately cut into the shapes of characters, geometric designs and, for this puzzle, winter-themed pieces. They are works of art within art. The puzzles are made with 1/4” plywood, are laser cut and are manufactured in the USA. At this time, there are only two “White Night” wood puzzles remaining in inventory with no certainty of more being re-ordered. "White Night" was shot from during a very chilly & stunningly beautiful night from the Rainbow Mountain alpine.

  • Finished puzzle size: 12.75”x21”

  • Price: $260 + tax + shipping & handling

Warning: This puzzle is a choking hazard - small parts - keep away from children 3 years and under.

NOTE: While the puzzle is sold out online there may still be a copy available at “Get the Goods” in Creekside, Whistler.

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